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Survive 2012: Safe Spots is a book that covers survivalism in general, along with specific recommendations regarding the safest places to be during a global cataclysm. Taken into consideration is the the ability to be self-sufficient after the disaster.
http://www.safespots.info ~ Details

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Hazard Maps showing where to avoid earthquakes, hurricanes, bushfires etc
http://www.aussurvivalist.com/safestplaces.htm ~ Details
PR: 3
Combines NASA data with Google Maps to show global flooding according to a sea-level rise that you enter, up to 14 metres.
http://flood.firetree.net/ ~ Details
PR: 6
As shown to Lori Toye by the Ascended Masters in 1983, available for purchase.
http://www.iamamerica.com/pages/Bookstore/bookstore_index.html ~ Details
PR: 3
Some people feel that countries with less guns are going to be more safe post SHTF. Keep in mind that this list is private ownership, and the size and niceness of the country's military is also a factor.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_countries_by_gun_ownership ~ Details
PR: 6
Nine maps showing how flooding / tsunamis can affect the world
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/profecias/esp_profecia_mapas.htm ~ Details
PR: 2
A variety of maps of what the USA might look like after The Shift, according to some prophets and channelers.
http://www.futurerevealed.com/maps/index.html ~ Details
Details of the best states to bunker down in.
http://www.survivalblog.com/retreatareas.html ~ Details
PR: 3


Use this information to help you decide on the safest place to perhaps survive a cataclysm - throughout the world.
Use these maps, links and information to decide on the safest places to survive a cataclysm in the USA.

About 2012

Amidst all the speculation - from Nostradamus to the Bible Code, of Crop Circles & Government Conspiracies - the only fact is that the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar ends on Dec 21 2012. Delve into the categories presented here to discover hundreds of sites that can help you analyse this approaching doomsday date.

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