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<p>Survival property in Costa Rica</p>
http://www.AEON2012.tk ~ Details
Amazing and true - these missile bases are no longer in use by the government, and you can pick one up for just a few hundred thousand. Consider these the safest bunkers you can buy.
http://missilebases.com ~ Details
PR: 5
Two acres for $5000, one left. Sawtooth Mountain area of New Mexico
http://www.placeofrefuge2012.com/ ~ Details
PR: 3
A large survival bunker ready and tested for any survival situation.
http://www.bombshelter2012.com/ ~ Details
PR: 0
The ultimate survival shelter. This is an ultramodern conversion of an Atlas "F" missile silo into a self-sufficient survival condo. Redundant systems for food, water, air, electricity, and more.
http://www.survivalcondo.com ~ Details
PR: 0
"The Internet's only website dedicated to finding survival retreat properties."
http://www.survivalrealty.com/ ~ Details
PR: 3
Private bunker with airstrip and land near New York and Boston. The government spent $18 million building it in 1958 and it is now for sale at a fraction of that price.
http://www.silohome.com/ ~ Details
PR: 3
Affordable acreages in Kentucky and North Carolina.
http://www.timberwood.com ~ Details
PR: 3
Aims to build a network of mega-bunkers across the USA in preparation for 2012. 20 shelters each holding up to 200 people for 1 year.
http://terravivos.com ~ Details
PR: 0

About 2012

Amidst all the speculation - from Nostradamus to the Bible Code, of Crop Circles & Government Conspiracies - the only fact is that the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar ends on Dec 21 2012. Delve into the categories presented here to discover hundreds of sites that can help you analyse this approaching doomsday date.

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